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Glac Studio was founded in 2003 in Milan – Italy by artists Ilian Arvelo and Diego Damas, joining the team later the Artist and Choreographer Mauisa Parada, since 2016 Glac Studio is based in the city of Miami – USA. Currently his artistic proposals are projected through art exhibitions, creation of worshops for the community and multimedia public works of art, always reflecting the original spirit of the group.



  • 2019

    “The Recycle Body”, Lisu Vega show, Choreographer Maria Luisa Parada, Miami Florida

    “The Body of Work”, Lisu Vega show, Choreographer Maria Luisa Parada, Miami Florida

    Creative Body Project, Rope Installation performance Valentina Fernandez, , collaboration with artist Lisu Vega, Miami, Florida Director and Choreographer Maria Luisa Parada, Miami, Florida

    Creative Body Project, “PosNocturno”, choreography workshop and performance, Buenos Aires Argentina, Director and  Choreographer

    +58ART, Canvas Miami Gallery Miami EEUU.
    Mother , I see Mayself in your eyes , Concret Space ,curator Dayaliz Gonsalez, Miami EEUU.
    Photoalicante Fest, Alicante Spain.

    Art Palm Beach 2019, GBG gallery curator Alejandra Mendez, West Palm Beach EEUU.

  • 2018

    Creative Body Project, “Public Enemy” Buenos Aires Argentina, Director and Choreographer

    Coral Gable art night show, Miami EEUU.

    Colletion Suites , DORCAM, Painting, Sculture and Desing curator Jorge Gutierrez, Miami


  • 2017

    Experimental Multimedia Performance Installation “As below so Above” collaboration with artist Lili-ana, Director and Choreographer Maria Luisa Miami Florida

    Interactive Installation Live Performance “Un-walling” collaboration with artist Lili-ana, Choreographer Maria Luisa Parada Miami Florida

    Live Performance “Narco Regimen Asesino” un Grafitti por Venezuela, Miami Fl

    Resistencia Perfomance, Lisu Vega show, Choreographer Maria Luisa Parada, Miami Florida

    Energy, circularity and transformations (participation as artist y curators), Miami EEUU.
    Miami New Media Festival 2017, Miami EEUU.

    Video Art session Glacsystem art lab space, Miami Florida 2017.

  • 2016

    Symbiotic Graphics Abra Caracas Gallery Los Galpones Art Center,

    Caracas – Venezuela


  • 2015

    Border Line, Collective Photographic D´ Museo Gallery Caracas – Venezuela

    III Photography Festival Mérida Foto (special guests) Merida – Venezuela

    P.I.G.S Traveling Exhibition of contemporary art Portugal, Italy, Greece, and Spain

  • 2014

    67 Biennial Arturo Michelena Room, Valencia – Venezuela

    City Video Fest, Valencia – Spain

    Arte e Cittá. Biennale Sessions , Biennale di Venezia, Venice Italy


  • 2013

    Arte e Cittá, Museo Tuscolano, Rome Ita – Italy

    The right to the city and the Art Practice, Il diritto alla cittá e le praxeis dell´Arte.

    Marinonni Theater , Biennale di Venezia – Italy

  • 2011

    Collective Exposition of Video Art Migrating, Urban, and Intimate, Museum of Contemporary Art of Caracas. Caracas- Venezuela


  • 2010

    International Biennial of Video Art of Universidad de Los Andes Merida, Venezuela

    International Encounter of Multimedia Art French Alliance, Wok awarded with the 3rd Price.Caracas – Venezuela

    International Festival of Video Art Asymmetry. Cusco, Peru.

    Biennale di Architettura di Venezia. Padiglione Carlos Scarpa (Venezuela)

  • 2008

    Archetype, Imaginary y Myths   Venice – Italy


  • 2006

    Collective sample of Fuorimisura Art, Outdoor Art. Umbria, Italy, a cura di Massimo Mazzone

    Biennale di Architettura di Venezia. Padiglione Carlos Scarpa (Venezuela) Venice Italy

  • 2005

    Collettiva Il Cantiere della Contemporaneità. Milan – Italy


  • 2003

    Contemporary Collecctive Art (2nd Place Awared), Palazzo Reale. Milan – Italy

    Collective Exhibition, Tusculano´s Museum. Rome – Italy

    Mostra Internazionale di video arte. Pescara – Italy

  • 2002

    Video Zero Collettiva, Selected Videos. Accademia di Brera, Milan – Italy

    Misto Bosco Collective Exhibition. Collateral Events in the MIART. Milan – Italy