(Caracas – Venezuela, 1972)

Plastic artist and Venezuelan – Italian Architect, lives and works between the USA, Venezuela and Italy, is a graduate of the Academy of Fine Arts of Brera, Milan – Italy.

His multimedia work is characterized by extracting elements from the history of art, politics and the city, taking them to a space of plasticity and offering the viewer the possibility of making a rereading them.

Among his works of the 1st decade of 2000 we can highlight (PARAFORESTAZIONE, Milano -Italy) in which he develops performance with other artistic groups in Europe and whose main objective was to seize the city through particular activities such as the occupation of structures buildings transforming them into cultural centers (SCULTURA COME CORPO SOCIALE) or the planting of plant specimens as a plastic operation to simulate the tropical landscape belonging to their place of origin (The Caribbean Tropic) work that in the 2nd decade of 2000 opts more into the concept to create pieces of art that contain nature (SYMBIOTIC GRAPHICS).

Returning to the main concept, Diego Damas continues to focus on elements of everyday life which he introduces in the art world through simple reinterpretation operations such as: isolation (UNCERTAIN EQUESTRIAN STATUES), decontextualization (TOTEMS), photo shoots in special angles, prefabrication of them in materials such as bronze or marble, and performative operations in places not belonging to the world of art (THE AESTHETICS OF THE HIDDEN).