6 tattoo removals and 300 stores removals
The constant and gradual transformation that architecture has suffered in the big cities is fundamentally produced by radical changes generated by urban development, or the absence of, that is, by the ways of space occupation, which also include the furniture, the ornament, and of course, the marketing dynamics which is a fundamental characteristic of the modern and contemporary city.

“Post Nuclear Shadows” is the result of an enquiry made through a photographic documentation over the traces left by billboards and signals on the urban skin when they are removed, or that have been simply deteriorated with time and in some cases, replaced by others. These residual elements of the city are emblematic in the passerby´s daily life.

After an extensive and detailed process of photographic documentation, we have embodied two plastic proposals; the first one a video installation, which ponders on the parallelism between the urban skin which with time collects the record of city transformation and the human skin symbolized with a tattoo removal through laser treatment, evidencing the constant changes of thoughts of the human being and its identity.

The work travels from the city to the skin, from the skin to the word, as a metaphor of that relation among the past, the transformation, and the permanence.

And for the second proposal we make a photo montage where we use that documentation of traces and typographic residues to compose phrases, acronyms, and colloquial messages of common use in the global and local collective